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Elam S. Stoltzfus



Elam Stoltzfus is the founder of Live Oak Production Group. Originally born Amish in Lancaster, PA, Elam moved to Florida, got his degree in media production at Florida State University, and decided to focus his camera on Florida.

For over 30 years he has been documenting the wilds of Florida. During this time, he has produced seven feature-length films: Living Waters: Aquatic Preserves of Florida, Apalachicola River: An American Treasure, The Big Cypress Swamp: The Western Everglades, Kissimmee Basin: The Northern Everglades, Florida Wildlife Corridor Expedition: Everglades to Okefenokee, Coastal Dune Lakes: Jewels of Florida’s Emerald Coast, and The Great Florida Cattle Drive: Unbroken Circles.

Collectively, these films have won 16 Tellys, three Davies and one Emmy, and all of them have been featured on public television.