Big Cypress Swamp

Big Cypress Swamp: The Western Everglades

“A visually lyrical tribute to the Big Cypress Swamp…vivid portraits of some of the giants who put their lives on the line to save it from being paved over.”
— Chris Palmer, Professor and Film Producer, American University

Journey through the vast wilderness of the Everglades’ oft-forgotten neighbor, the Big Cypress Swamp, a region still inhabited by the Seminole Tribe and endangered by the ever-increasing sprawl of nearby cities. This hour-long documentary tells the story of Florida’s river of grass, featuring people who share their passion for this wild place and stunning cinematography that pulls you into the rhythm of the swamp.

Producer, Director & Cinematography: Elam Stoltzfus

Screenwriter: Jane Atkins

Musician: Sammy Tedder

Narrator: Peter Thomas

Editor: Ian Weir

Host & Photographer: Clyde Butcher

Consultant: Michael Grunwald

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