coastal dune lakes

Coastal Dune Lakes: Jewels of Florida’s Emerald Coast

“Having been entrusted with one of Florida’s last unspoiled places, it’s up to us, the residents and visitors who love the coastal dune lakes, to preserve them for future generations and the vanishing plants and vulnerable creatures that find refuge here.”
— Cynthia Barnett, Author of Rain: A Natural and Cultural History

What are coastal dune lakes? This hour-long documentary focuses on a string of 15 lakes located in North Florida and the species that call the lakes home. Find out more about these unique systems, why they matter and what locals along Florida’s Emerald Coast are doing to protect them for future generations.

Producer, Director & Cinematographer: Elam Stoltzfus

Screenwriter & Photographer: Nic Stoltzfus

Musician: Eric Schrotenboer

Narrator: Rick Hord

Editor: Joey Dickinson